From one of the insurance industry’s top minds, a comprehensive guide to help every insurance agent completely turn around their businesses and lives.

Automatize Your Agency's Systems

The Yellow Brick Road teaches you a path you and your team members can follow every single time, to ensure consistent and predictable results on every property and casualty insurance sales conversation. It is as simple as staying on the path to get results.

Learn How To Deal With Any Objection

Overcome the fear of rejection! Following the Yellow Brick Road helps you predict and kill objections in advance without the prospect even knowing it, so you can beat every objection they use.

Improve Your Sales & Closing Rates

The Yellow Brick Road unlocks the secrets of having a meaningful conversations with your prospects that reveals their true needs, making the sales process painless, smooth, and most importantly, repeatable.
Solutions With Accountability Tactics or S.W.A.T.

Live Classes To Learn The Complete System

Learn a proven system to maximize for your agency’s return and how to create accountability for its execution. S.W.A.T gives you an in depth training on the 3 PILLARS OF SUCCESS, which are: How to sell over the phone, How to sell face-to-face, and How to extract referrals from every interaction! Don’t miss the opportunity to attend this two-day event.

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Agency AutoPilot

Learn How To Implement This System In Your Agency

The online platform that brings the Yellow Brick Road to life! Easy to follow word tracks that guarantee a better conversation with your prospects, leading to higher closing rates and improved sales, in addition to reporting tools, such as compensation calculator, employee time sheets, scoreboards, and much more.

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The Yellow Brick Road will help you AVOID the following mistakes:​

  • Letting the customer control the conversation.​
  • Chasing after a rabbit (jumping out of order).​
  • Failing to listen to customers.​
  • Telling customers what they need.​
  • Lack of confidence in the solutions offered.​
  • Failing to pull out the customer’s real need.
The Yellow Brick Road Cover

A Road Map To Sucess

The Yellow Brick Road allows you to control the conversation and take customers down a path of helping them discover their wants and needs.

When they say what they want, you simply offer the solutions and allow them to make the choice, all while being prepared to deal with any objections along the way. It is the ultimate customer-need conversation.

The Yellow Brick Road of insurance sales takes the process of selling insurance and mixes it with the predictableness of people’s objections.

When nothing catches you off guard and you stay in control by being the one asking the questions, you are unbeatable!

Enjoy the Emerald City! That is where the Yellow Brick Road will always lead you.


How This Book Has Impacted Other Insurance Agents

“When I first heard of the Yellow Brick Road I thought it was going to be extremely difficult for me to follow it being a rural insurance agent. To my surprise and delight, this book has changed my life… My conversations with prospects are much smoother now, and I am finally seeing the results of all my hard work!”

Anthony Jenkins – Agent

“This was such an easy read, yet packed with gold nuggets. I found myself reading every page twice, and making notes about almost everything. The path outlined here is, without a doubt, the best way to make my customers realize that I don’t trivialities, I sell what they really need. My agencies numbers are sky-rocketing!”

Margaret Tao – Agent

About The Author

Kirk Fuqua

Kirk Fuqua grew up in a small Louisiana town and graduated from the University of Louisiana with a master’s degree in criminal justice. He then worked seven years as a police officer, SWAT team member, and detective on a Narcotics Task Force. His time in law enforcement trained him to master the art of controlling a conversation, and that led him to create the process outlined in this book, and become one of the most profitable and top insurance agents in the United States.

His insurance training course, Solutions With Accountability Tactics or S.W.A.T., and his online word track platform, Agency Autopilot, have helped thousands of insurance agents realize the true potential of their agencies. In this book, Kirk shares some of this most sought-after processes that have been proven time and time again to work for anyone who conducts Property and Casualty insurance sales over the phone.

About The Author - Kirk Fuqua